• Starter

    Every month
    • 6 Store Items
    • 10% Earnings Commission
    • 20% Design Discount
  • Our Most Popular Plan


    Every month
    • 10 Store Items
    • 15% Earnings Commission
    • 20% Design Discount
    • /// All Plans Include ///
    • Core Collection Designs
    • Affiliate Programme
  • Premium

    Every month
    + Bonus Free Jersey Design
    • Unlimited Store Items
    • 30% Earnings Commission
    • 20% Design Discount

What's a Core Collection?

Black sells. That's why we offer a complimentary 3-piece monochrome core collection to all of our customers. This can be whatever you think will sell best, but we'd recommend a hoodie, t-shirt and your choice of hat. On that we print simple white designs using high-quality vinyl, so that the designs "pop" in-person and on social media.

How does the Affiliate Programme work?

It's super simple. Help recruit more teams, creators, leagues, communities and anybody else you can think of to the Forge community and we'll give you free items, upgrades to your store or whatever else you want. Shoot us a message on our discord chat to learn more!​



Can I use my own designs?


Of course. We're not dickheads.

TL; DR: Which store should I go for?

Need a jersey design? Go Premium.
Bang for your buck? Go Standard.
Strapped for cash? Go Starter.