Pulse II Drop

GG Merch announces today's PULSE II Drop, featuring brand new gear for the world's largest Rocket League Clan. Exclusive here at GG Merch.

Pulse II features some of the fan favourites from the original drop.

The Pulse II drop is in celebration for reaching 75,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. An impressive feat for the Rocket League community.

The new set features more accessories for fans to dig their nails in to. Two new caps, one beanie and mouse mats join the featured list of Pulse Clan's latest drop. Catch your favourites before the next drop as some of the originals are no longer available.

You'll also see another Pulse Tee added exclusive to Pulse II.

For now, keep an eye on Pulse Clans socials. GG Merch will be giving away three mouse mats to three lucky fans.

You can follow Pulse Clan on YouTube & Twitter, for new drops follow GG Merch on Twitter. Shop now!